Lately, many businesses have embraced a new strategy to limit potential liability for their shoddy products.  Up to now, the most effective strategy for minimizing liability was to force arbitration and limit class actions.  A more recent strategy is to insert a modification of the standard limitation period for warranty claims into the terms of a written warranty.  Manufacturers of consumer products are legally allowed to reduce the limitation period for suing on a warranty to as short as one year from the date of breach.  Meanwhile, the date the warranty is breached is in many States considered to be the date of delivery of the product, not the date that the product actually malfunctions.  The upshot is that consumers who buy a product with a warranty period that lasts 1 year or more could possibly be forced to sue on the day the warranty expires (if the term is 1 year) or even before the warranty even expires (if the warranty term is longer than 1 year).  The bottom line for consumers is that it is vital to seek help from an attorney at the earliest possible date in order to avoid permanently losing your rights.  Click here to get advice from an attorney for your lemon car or other product.